Purpose why it RF. Write the expected suggested projects output. Sources of reference 2 1 2 2 Submit a soft copy OR hard copy of the presentation. Assessing oral communication skills 4: Write the number of slides used. From this year, ICT is an option only subject.

Topic articles, pictures, drawings from different b. An example of a programming language used to develop web- based application. Design Phase Sketch storyboard. H2 Write the number of sources 1 referred. Choose and apply criterion four is any or all of the considered done.

Submit the report form and a 2 softcopy of the developed database project. ONE software 2 4.

ict coursework 8.1

Explain pervasive computing a. Crimp a Crossed Cable Candidate demonstrate a. An example of web- based application. The program will calculate and display the discount given and the actual amount to be paid. Set an IP address. Documentation Submit report and soft copy of program.

Boot up the computer 1 successfully. Write a simple program to calculate the area of a circle.


ict coursework 8.1

Publishing Phase Submit a softcopy of the multimedia product. Apply all the phases of multimedia production to produce an LA4.

Topic Piracy from Moral Completed b.

ICT & Computing – Holy Cross Catholic High School

State the function of the application. Scrapbook contains at into a scrapbook based 2 least SIX pages on any of the following: Topic articles, pictures, drawings from different b. Each construct may have one or more aspects.

ict coursework 8.1

Start the anti-spyware H1 application and choose a scan mode. Testing Phase Test the developed multimedia product.

The program will display the BMI. Function of the application.

S10 Program Development Aspect: Mark Criterion to be filled by by candidate if necessary H1 H2 H3 assessor 1. When candidates are doing the activities of: Choose any of the suggested 2.

ICT & Computing

Write the formula to or propose a new be used. Choose antivirus software to be 1 H1 used. Give an example of web-based 1 application. H1 Visual Basic 6. Evaluation Phase Ask assessor to evaluate the developed multimedia product. Write the names Law. H2 Write the IP address of 1 the computer. Schools with more than a teacher teaching the subject are allowed to carry out the assessment coursewrk in order to achieve coordination.


Problem Analysis Duration of practical a. Fix the RAM candidate to avoid correctly.

Write down the name of the executable file.