And now, most recently, social unrest has started to surface in the Occupy Wall Street protest movement. This is not a new challenge to the study of international history, which naturally includes the interstate interactions inherent to the examination of all empires. As defense spending increases, this reduces the investments in economic growth, which eventually, leads to the downward spiral of slower growth, heavier taxes, deepening domestic splits over spending priorities, and weakening capacity to bear the burdens of defense. Westad argues that this is particularly true within the context of U. Ask yourself, in Paul Kennedy-like fashion, the following:

Foreign Policy Research Institute. Maier argued that the term was so polarizing, it led to an oversimplification of the varied experiences great powers could have on the world stage. This, of course, could translate as the continuance of exactly the type of imperial dominance that Kennedy is warning about. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. Economic Change and Military Conflict from to Harvard University Press, , pp. Department of Defense’s conventional war strategy for Afghanistan was doomed from the start.

And now, most recently, social unrest has started to surface in the Occupy Wall Street protest movement. Overspending for Afghanistan War – Needless Further, another tragedy in this drama is the fact that the overspending for the Afghanistan War was needless and the conventional war strategy represented the wrong war plan.

I am happy to have finally discovered someone critical of applying Alex Tocquville. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Britain and the United States Surrey: See also Andrew Bacevich, American Empire: Yhesis is now clear that the resultant U.

A brief historiography of imperial overstretch and its relationship to American hegemony

And the view from here argues that the United States — another great power — in this case a superpower that overspent on defense, has weakened its economy and is in danger of driving its empire to the fate of Britain’s and the Definifion Union’s, if it doesn’t change its course and reverse the policy.


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Those that disregard the economic data that indicates unsustainability often do so from a moral stand point, claiming that if the United States has the power and resources to lift up other nations, then there is a moral obligation to do so.

It’s hard to believe that a nation could spend more on defense and actually become weaker. Arguably, this was true of the Roman Empirewhich was strong and effective in the first and early second centuries CE, despite a few setbacks Germany in 9CE; Scotland in the 80s CE but lost territories e.

Harvard’s Kennedy was not the first to warn about the dangers of excessive defense spending.

Instead, the Pentagon chose to fight the war conventionally, which was a mistake, he said to IBTimes. Further, the unemployment rate is high.

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Email definituon Address never made public. We Need to Know. Or will nature disrupt America’s new world order? However, unfortunately in the decades that followed the United States did not have an as knowledgeable and formidable defense public policy professional as Eisenhower, and as a result the U.

Clearly, this was true of the Napoleonic Empire, which made rapid gains by conquest in the first decade after Napoleon became dictator of Francebut became over-extended militarily when it attempted to conquer Russia in Cambridge University Press,pp.

Imperial Overstretch: Is A Bloated Defense Budget Weakening the U.S.?

For many historians, a broad narrative incorporating many countries was appropriate. In the councils of government, we must ikperial against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex, Eisenhower said. Maier argued that the term was so polarizing, it led to an oversimplification of the varied experiences great powers could have on the world stage. Ike was the epitome of Pentagon brass. You are commenting using your Facebook account.


And we could spend another five, seven, eight years using the same conventional strategy, and still not be any closer to victory. Because of this policy, Layne contends that the U.

The Danger of Imperial Overstretch | Foreign Policy Journal

And the United States will continue to weaken, if it does not substantially reduce its defense spending: Yale historian Paul Kennedy defines imperial overstretch as the overextension either geographically, economically, or militarily that inevitably leads to the exhaustion of vital domestic resources, decline, and fall.

Politics And Polemicsp. Kennedy’s term for the phenomenon is imperial overstretch, also known as imperial overreach, and tthesis two classic examples are: Overspending overstreth defense is weakening the United States’ economy and, by extension, is decreasing the nation’s power relative to other, major powers and nations.

imperial overstretch thesis definition

National leaders in China will be rooting for them. Airports are woefully inadequate or in need of renovation. This, along with the Sino-Soviet split, demonstrated that the monolithic power arrangements that had been solidified in the years following World War II up into the s would not remained fixed.

Both methods can be useful, as this essay will demonstrate, in explaining the reasons behind imperial decline.

imperial overstretch thesis definition