ITC is one of India This can be exchanged for other ITC products. They are generally located within walking distance or a 5-km radius. The e-Choupals are operated A case study in a

This article has been written in partnership with ITC Limited. Access to case studies expires six months after purchase The credit, according to Singh, goes to higher quality seeds, inputs and farming methods he has been able to adapt with access to timely information on weather conductions, prices across different local markets and services from the e-Choupal in his village. A case study on Rural Marketing Initiative The evolved model will cater to the new generation of agri- entrepreneurs and agrarian start-ups dealing with a wide array of services from hyper-local weather forecasts to support systems for precision agriculture; from sensors for smart irrigation to drones for crop-health monitoring; from image processing for disease recognition to predictive analytics for epidemic management; from next-gen farm management to online consumer outreach directly. Copy of IT Case Study: Web-enabled real time data on crop prices provide the farmer with the market prices for their produce.

ITC increases trust and Itc E Choupal Case Analysis.

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ITC leverages e-Choupal in a novel way. Farmers are under no compulsion to sell to the company sujmary can choose to sell their produce elsewhere.

itc e choupal case study summary

Request Case Study Solution. Itc E-Choupal Case Study. ITC extended its e-Choupal framework to deliver core services, The e-Choupals are operated by a sanchalak operatorwho also doubles up as an ITC salesman.


Case Studies – ITC eChoupal

ITC’s e-Choupal initiative began by deploying Copyright The DeSai Group. The concept of eChoupal was introduced in June as an initiative to improve the supply chain by linking directly with farmers for procurement. ITC then began renting processing plant time and buying soya from mandis.

The intermediaries were not removed from the value-chain, instead they were made as samyojaks coordinators who assist ITC in setting up s e-choupals. The ethical issues in this case Singh, for example, prefers to sell his wares to the company at the Choupal Saagar, an ITC-supported hub that doubles up as a procurement and warehousing centre, besides a market for inputs like seeds and fertilizer.

They are generally located within walking distance or a 5-km radius. This system also gives the company traceability of its key agri-inputs for manufacturing its popular brand of consumer food products. For Kishore, the results are evident.

What Connects a Corporate Giant, Farmers and We the Consumer? Meet ITC e-Choupal

E-choupals are much more than internet kiosks. Also, these farmers hcoupal have better access to other markets, besides the organized mandis mandated by governments, and quality inputs, resulting in higher yields.

itc e choupal case study summary

The e-Choupals are operated E-choupal made use of ITC gains as intermediaries are removed, and transportation costs decrease. In its next phase — the ITC e-Choupal 4. Yet it is besieged by myriad challenges. This can be exchanged for other ITC products. It is also the most vulnerable to the vagaries of nature and the threat of climate change. A farmer can visit the kiosk and show a sample of his produce to the casee, who gives him a quote.


It was vase designed to play the role of a social gathering place, for the exchange of information as well as a place for e-commerce transactions. If the farmer finds the quote attractive, he can take the produce to an ITC collection centre and receive payment within two hours. To the uninitiated, an ITC e-Choupal is an internet kiosk in the home of a fellow villager.

ITC eChoupal Initiative case study.

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Brighten up your Inbox! Subscribe to our daily newsletter now. By providing information on weather and scientific farming methods, and the supply of high quality farm inputs, ITC enabled the farmers to improve their efficiency sum,ary quality of their output.

Corporate Social Responsibility in This article has been written in partnership with ITC Limited.