Application to specified scenarios. Application to specific scenarios Strand 3: Remote Patient Monitoring Lets Doctors Spot Trouble Early WSJ explains how more advanced tracking technologies are being used to monitor patients with chronic conditions such as extremely high blood pressure or cardiac problems. Download the ITGS past exam papers list. It is not easy to find. Subscribe to RSS feed.

Smart home layout — infographic 5. A useful exercise might also be to examine the privacy policies of these sites to see how they store and use user data case study line Have a positive attitude! Aug 22, – Nov 14, Grades: Open Street Map has good examples. This case study is for May and November only. Students are expected to show effort, responsibility, cooperation, attendance, respectful behavior and follow code of conduct.

Smart home layout — infographic 5. Are we living through a Lens? The great thing about this infographic is the way it breaks down smart home technology into individual rooms. Listen carefully the first time.

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Your e-mail address will not be published. Fitness trackers unlikely to make you healthier, say scientists Telegraph argues exactly what the title suggests.

What Americans want from a smart home — Infographic You might also enjoy reading: Application to specific scenarios. The Telegraph reports that the British NHS plans for patients to be remotely monitored in a ‘digital revolution’ of the service.


itgs case study 2016 questions

In order to understand Paper 3, it is a good idea to review how students write. CIO discusses the benefits and drawbacks of using activity monitors to improve employee fitness, which is slightly side tracking from the case study but is still an interesting and useful read.

itgs case study 2016 questions

The new Case Study Application to specific scenarios 2. Are the students in a class allowed to work together on collecting data and information from Primary sources?

What are the expectations of each of the markbands? TeleHealth doesn’t improve quality of life The Atlantic takes a similar view. It explores the advantages and disadvantages of the access and use of digitized information at the local and global level. Late work is permitted for grade reduction. Application to specified scenarios. Wikiloc is a great resource for files in the GPX format, and contains details of trails from all over quesstions world. Paper 1 1 hr 45 min Structured qusetions in 3 sections that asses the three strands.

Analyze the scenario and who are the stakeholders? This promises to be a very interesting and enjoyable Case Study with many opportunities for first-hand investigations with wearable technologies.

ITGS Case Study 2016 – 5 Infographics

However, old exam papers can still be used with some modification: The students must include how they researched the topics and analyze their findings in their responses. Ideally, candidates will quote names of organizations and systems that they have researched. Download the ITGS past exam papers list. Previous Quextions project screencasts — 6 examples.


Term 1 Gr12 Lesson Plans: Teachers have to instruct candidates that if a question asks specifically for two methods or two strategies, treatment of more than this number will be ignored by the examiners possibly leading to lost marks. HL Paper 3 – Sample work.

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Introduction Strand 1 1. Students are expected to show effort, responsibility, cooperation, attendance, respectful behavior and follow code of conduct.

However, the instructions are different. In addition to dedicated devices, the sensors in many modern smartphones allow activity data to be tracked: The ITGS case study focuses on smart home technology. Be prepared to share.