As well, I ran the event page for the carnival through Facebook, along with tweeting regular updates on Twitter. Your activities are assessed on five dimensions: I also helped develop new and creative ways to market the yearbook, including extensive use of social media to create even more interest and a further increase in sales. Take your time One of the most import aspects from my application that I remember I did well in was time management. I am responsible for teaching skiing skills to classes of as many as 10 students ranging in age between 7 and Secondly, I would go on to discuss what I learned from what it was I was talking about.

Make sure to keep the focus on one or two leadership traits rather than briefly explaining things. I have been very successful, evidenced by the fact that all of my students have shown considerable improvement and proceeded to move up a step-level in their skiing. The reader wants to get to know you as an individual, so be honest and authentic because every individual has a lot to offer. This overall flow really helped me add depth to my essays. I hope these tips can help you write the perfect application and join the Ivey AEO class of ! When you don’t use the keywords, it will seem like you are just discussing one leadership highlight in your personality.

Ivey AEO Activity Essay #1 – my candidacy to be enrolled in the HBA program

Remove your final paragraph for now. This has taught me the critical importance of salesmanship. I started working on the application very early in the year and probably spent hours making it perfect. Right now, we can only review the content of the essay for you due to a lack of assessment criteria stemming from the missing prompt requirements.

I designed homemade original carnival games, like ring toss and bottle knock over, from recycled materials. Your activities are assessed on five dimensions: This cheap and effective attraction raked in unforeseeable revenue and made a valuable contribution to the fundraiser.


I rewrote and took a different approach to the essay, going into detail about the specific tasks at the events: Mahnoor, in the second paragraph, you need to separate the paragraphs so that you can clearly show that you as speaking of two different leadership abilities.

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By demonstrating that you have the ability to be involved on campus while maintaining competitive marks, you are proving that you have what it takes to be a part of an HBA class. Let me share some tips that I learned when I went through the same process last year. For now, I have a feeling that the essay is offering too much information in terms of your leadership discussion.

You want to get involved with things that you have an actual interest in, which is really benefiting yourself in the long run. Skip to Main Content.

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The student activity council is responsible for organizing the social and charitable events at my school. The direction of the discussion, the theme, and the relevant activities will be based upon the instructions and requirements of Ivey for the essay. I hope these tips can help you write the perfect application and join the Ivey AEO class of ! I am the Senior Co-editor of the Metropolitan Preparatory Academy Yearbook, having earned this leadership role after being Junior Co-editor in grade Additionally, I coordinated with Rogers TV to send a crew to cover the event.

In the following months after the semi-formal, our attention deviated towards planning our largest annual event, the charity week and carnival.

Ivey HBA Application Process

I spent countless after school meeting designing headers on banners, creating centrepieces and piecing together the small aspects of the decor together. Combining the paragraphs just might work. When filling out your application, the one thing I cannot emphasize enough is to be yourself. These activities include extracurriculars, work or volunteer involvement, as well as entrepreneurial experience.


My roles require collaboration, teamwork, and effective communication with a team of 30 students in order to execute the show successfully. During the planning of the event, I formed a committee and took lead in the decoration aspect of the event.

That way you are sure that the reviewer will be conscious of the leadership talent or ability that you are displaying. Good luck and remember to be yourself because everyone has something unique to offer!

I think your essay will become more prompt adherent once you complete that process. Specifically, on the Ivey application, you have many different sections to show off your awards or work experience so when it comes to the essays, be sure to keep your focus on one main topic and add depth to what you are talking about.

ivey application essay hba

It is important to assume the reader has minimal knowledge or experience on your topic. Based upon the prompt requirements, I will be able to tell you which leadership activity to keep and further develop.

All of these skills will be essential in the team-based curriculum at Ivey.

As a result of the positive outcomes I have esxay, the ski school director recommended I pursue my Level 3 certification, which would allow me to teach anywhere around the world at all skill levels. I also helped develop new and creative ways to market the iveg, including extensive use of social media to create even more interest and a further increase in sales. One of the largest events hosted by the council is the semi-formal dinner and dance.

Focus on one that you want to talk about and avoid grouping multiple activities in one description.