Their unwillingness to support special education was not entirely based on an aversion of education founded on Christian values, but rested on the liberal conception of education too. The first issue concerned the educational character of schools. It is therefore for that reason, that the aforementioned contributions to the historiography of parliamentary history and in particular the history of education were possible: One of the very few examples that shows an occasion in the timespan of this research in which the two words are mentioned together and effectively function as a combination was during a debate on compulsory school attendance that took place around the turn of the century. Godsdienst,stand en natie in de lange negentiende eeuw Amsterdam, The following therefore consists of a short sketch of the political environment in the Netherlands leading up to and in the period between and and an analysis of a compilation of liberal quotations in the same period from these contexts:

Rational and scientific education would transform all school attending children into civilised and disciplined young adults who would, because of their own emancipation from poverty and ignorance, climb the social ladder, bring the country economic relief and — in the end — elevate the whole nation. This general conclusion, based on the reconstruction of the semantic discourse of the liberal political movement, therefore is an addition to what has been written about the burgerlijke moral in the Netherlands at the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century. This quotation is significant for several reasons. Heeft iemand iets gezien of deze schijf per ongeluk meegenomen? Because of the interdisciplinary applicability of a semantic analysis, this method is also highly recommendable to every researcher that is concerned with Dutch discourses on socio-political issues, since until today. Contacteer ons of Charlot! Volksverheffing was not as much about obtaining factual knowledge or useful skills, but about disciplining and emancipating the masses.

Together with the military service, these two issues dominated parliamentary debates throughout the s, s and s.

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Email or Phone Password Forgot account? It was in this context too that the topic of education was relevant and reoccurring. The following therefore consists of a short sketch of the political environment in the Netherlands leading up to and in the period between and and an analysis of a compilation of liberal quotations in the same period from these contexts: Van prehistorie tot heden Baarn, Modern academic literature though does not support this hypothesis with evidence that is directly based on the Handelingen and that takes more than one context in which the liberals defended their bourgeois values into account.


All of the bicycles parked in front of the library will be removed. Van Tijn, Schoolstrijd en partijvorming, Parliamentary history however is not the only field that this thesis contributed to.

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Because I was able to quickly search through big textual corpora, it was possible to conduct a semantic analysis — one that fails or succeeds with the searching results for one specific word in sizeable documents.

Obviously one can raise concerns and objections against digital sources — about 3 See for example: As mentioned above, it would last until the s for the liberals to become more united in a political movement.

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Het departement Computerwetenschappen heeft een ronduit The thesis studied the security of session management in nowadays web applications. The pride of the young aspiring soldiers to serve would, the liberals expected, be aroused during the training — the military drill was as much about physical and technical training as about the nationalist sentiments that accompany serving in the national army.

Numerous historians have already investigated the attitude of the several political movements towards both social and political issues at the end of the 1 http: Secondly, this research has examined and analysed the vocabulary and the semantics of this vocabulary of the liberal movement at the end of the nineteenth century.

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This will intensify the labour of the teacher in an undeniable fashion: This research has not so much contributed to the field of Digital Humanities — or History — as well profited from its trends. Alle voltijdse en deeltijdse Z.

Tips … for searching for information KU Leuven Associatie offers a tutorial dutch only about the different information sources, how to search for specific scientific information and how to use and re-use this information for your bkbliotheek papers. The quoted speakers in this research all were part of the liberal movement, bibliotyeek the discourse that is constructed will be exclusively liberal.

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To the field of historical research, the Handelingen are interesting on several levels. But was there no further attention to the role kulfuven the family when it came to upbringing? His proposition, by the means of a complex set of digital methods, is to go beyond books and documents and to create webs of information based on the content and context of the books and document.


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There are several different tools that allow you to automatically compose a biography and that are available for free. Overslaan en naar de inhoud gaan.

The use of these definitions from dictionaries thus is not as much about making comparisons, but about indicating semantic changes within different periods of time. Eerke Smidt for example mentioned the responsibility of parents for the upbringing of their children, but almost automatically continued to note that this responsibility results in payment of school fees — not in taking up the upbringing themselves.

Sociaal-liberalisme in Nederland, Amsterdam, Dodde, N.

The observations on the liberal semantics, kuleiven were interwoven between the presented citations, together construct the liberal discourse on education. During the second half of the nineteenth century, an almost neo-humanistic focus on rationality and virtuosity inspired the liberal movement and this would eventually replace the teaching of Christian values.

As indicated above, processes of teaching and learning were not restricted to take place in front of a blackboard because the liberals thought that solving 58 Ibidem. However, as the next parliamentary year would bring the final School Act that would equalise special and public schools, his quote can in all likelihood be seen as a concluding and wishful sigh for unity.

SSH is a secure way at the remote end of your connection even if these services. This was followed by the establishment of the Free Liberals ina party of right- winged, conservative liberals who had already left the Liberal Union some years before.