Brave views of a brave journalist. A lot of your work seems to be on extremely delicate subjects? Im currently enrolled in many political science courses at LUMS. This is why for example, you’ll see people from lower classes excelling in sports, that’s the only way for them to be relevant. This reply however does not mean that we negate the we have shortcomings, it is just to state that the tone and the attitude that the professor has resorted to will just result in criticism and a negative outlook,rather than an improvement of any sort. Does critical thinking depend on professions and on maturity or is it a way of thinking that has to be introduced early in life?

There is no textbook of Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. Why would the Australian team visit Gallipoli for inspiration? Pakistan needs a religious revolution- freedom to question and leave is the need of the hour. An overall new ‘construct’ is needed for institutions of higher learning. The kind of arguments will be so devoid of “critical thinking” that you’ll start laughing. LUMS is known for its cultural diversity all over Pakistan.

I have also worked with a local filmmaker from the area to produce a short documentary based on these findings. Being an engineer myself, I have observed that people are more concerned about getting a job by learning technical knowledge rather than keeping a balance between different humanitarian and philosophical subjects that enhance one’s personality as a whole.

The stereotype makes thinkimg entertaining movies, books and theatre but as is the case with any stereotype, it isnt representative. You may consider it a loose usage and interpret it accordingly.

I am yet to find a satisfactory explanation for that.

Facts are not all that relevant in this age of information overload and access. How do we do critical thinking here? And it will result in Pakistan’s total backwardness in other fields as well like economy, and defense as well. Just to add to it, let me tell u i ve seen several examples of students at Harvard and MIT lacking even the basic knowledge of their own history, let alone asian history and its impact on them.


logic and critical thinking course outline lums

At least there are still few few places to breathe, few papers such as Dawn, where bold opinions could be shared and published Now honorable faculty like you clearly boast with the success of USA that USA has clearly higher standards of education well even if i assume this correct due to existence of some great institutions like Harvard Sorry i am not llogic your nameMIT, and many more so whats the big deal. Thanks for staying with the blog and the discussion.

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According to Barry K. By the time you have entered the university, for the most part, it is already too late. Few things are impossible in themselves, we just lack the diligence to make them succeed, rather than the means The impact of childhood psychological traumas on the future life of an individual. corse

I am glad you picked up the lack of comparing and contrasting skills as that was hard for them because in the west that is the first thing you do and debate on it openly. Go and check the head of the Chemistry Dept of Adamjee College Karachi, he doesn’t know chemistry at all.

British, and later American, technical support was crucial to the running of aircraft and aerial facilities.

Logic and critical thinking course outline lums

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Are we ready for that?

logic and critical thinking course outline lums

Iutline just because it exposed us to different views on our educational system in particular LUMS but also because it gave us an opportunity to erase the misconceptions prevalent in the minds of foreigners.

I was amused, and remembered my own experinces of teaching in an American univerisyt, while on a Fulbright assignment.

The law makers still follow the british era rules having no consideration for the prevailing situation and culture of the country.


The ability of college students at the leading Pakistani university the equivalent of the Ivy league in the US to analyze and discuss issues critically in the context of a history of ideas Western, Oriental or Eastern, it does not mattersay for example, What is secularism?

The reason is not just the syllabus and the system, but the students themselves. Asif nadeem I feel sorry for people like you. One of the amazing write up on the most significant and neglected issue.

This is how it has been in Another foreigner but one asking a question of his own tribe. At first, You know what first of all i would like to notify you that we all are proud of our great institution which people abroad see as an elitist university.

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Indians too are in a huge denial about the external influences that have shaped India and the following misguided claims of cultural exclusivity. First of all I feel that we do not need to always react by comparing the situation in one country with another — so to me it does not matter how little or not American students know about Indian history.

Having a cursory look on the development of the nations in the history, it is evidently found that those nations ruled the world that went for the ” Wh” questions.

logic and critical thinking course outline lums

You people are the reason we could not progress. Are the wrong people being educated in Pakistan? The writer surely seems to be blinded by his inflated ego,which has made him overlook the challenges we face as developing nations,as well as the abnormalities of the western system of education.