We also ask that you please continue to save them throughout the summer. Meet the Team Nights will give everyone the opportunity to hear the coach and become aware of the rules and expectations for participation prior to the start up of the sport or activity. Moving from seat-to-seat is forbidden. A doctor s excuse is the only excuse the teacher will accept for non-participation of three days or longer. Paper copies of the Interim will be made available upon parent request.

A violation of this policy by any student who participates in any extracurricular activity shall be deemed in violation of the Code of Conduct, and the student shall be subject to the penalties described herein. To see daily assignments and homework, visit the Southview Homework Matrix. In addition, this statement of due process rights is to be placed in all student handbooks in a manner that will facilitate understanding by students and their parents. The success rate of the I. These students did a great job helping out and stepping up! The Children s Guild DC Charter School Transportation Handbook Our primary objective is to ensure the safety of the students and provide a quality and dependable service to our families. We will always look for ways to improve processes to better serve you.

As with any other tests, students must do their own work and keep their work to themselves.

Therefore, a student who is denied participation from athletics under this Code of Conduct for a first violation must practice with the team and attend games out of uniform. The matrlx student shall first be offered an opportunity for a hearing.

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Students must be picked up in the rear of the building by 3: The parents or guardians of students should file written reports of suspected harassment, intimidation, or bullying with the building principal or other appropriate administrator; C. A Level Two or Level Three Wednesday detention is intended as another option in mwtrix with student behaviors. Purpose Students have the right to be safe and free from threatening situations on school property and at school activities More information.


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Parking privileges on school property may be revoked. AprilAprilFebruary 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Purpose The purpose of this policy is to define expectations More information. The PCA will be considered unexcused.

mccord junior high homework matrix

Contact the main office for further information. Running, stool sharing, sitting on tables, or throwing food magrix not permitted. January 15, Mandatory Review Date: Any public hoework of affection between couples that attracts undue attention to them shall be considered in poor taste and is prohibited. Property not claimed within 90 days is deemed to be abandoned and may be destroyed or donated to charity.

If a student is habitually truant or chronically truant and the student s parent sguardian sor custodian s has failed to cause the student s attendance, a complaint may be filed with the Judge of the Juvenile Court. Once off the bus move away from it rapidly. Graves Middle School Campus Rules and Regulations GMS students mccogd expected to behave and conduct themselves in such a manner as to not disrupt the normal educational process and continue their growth.

A student shall not violate Policy Anti-harassment, including harassment based on sex, race, color, national origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or any other unlawful basis. Acceptable Use Agreement for Student Laptops The student laptop that has been issued to you is the property of the Harrisonville School District.


For purposes of this policy and the Student Discipline Code, the following shall apply: Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed Embed Script.

Tryouts for various teams as well as Meet the Team Nights will be announced in the school newsletter and over the morning P. If a parent is not available by telephone, the contact person indicated on the child s Emergency Card will be contacted.

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Sylvania Schools Bradley J. Pants, shorts, and skirts honework be worn at the waistline. This list is generated from s provided on student s Emergency Medical Form.

Although the intent of other sales may be positive, they have caused some problems in the past and, as such, cannot be allowed.

Sylvania schools homework matrix

An attempt will be made to notify parents or guardians by telephone if a suspension is issued. Therefore, filing of a complaint or otherwise reporting harassment, intimidation, or bullying will not reflect upon the student s status, nor will it affect future employment, grades, or work assignments. It is understood students will self-medicate for headaches and bodily pains, but when over the counter medication is used on a regular basis, the student will need to comply with this policy.

mccord junior high homework matrix

In live shows, the performers are very conscious of their audience.

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