Corruption reduces the levels of profitability in the Matatu business. Research Data Results in table 4. Research Data 4. It was further noted that each Matatu also created two indirect jobs. Coopers and Lybrand Association Ltd, Nairobi advanced a recommendation for a standard Matatu for the entire country. The study recommends that in order to improve their earnings, owners have to properly manage their relationships with the individuals contracted to run their matatu business. Some of the aspects of training programme evaluation form for the trainees were the relevance of course to the needs of the trainees, the course objectives, and course content.

The Role of the Matatu industry in Kenya: A component of the proposed Transportation Project, Final Draft. The vehicles which cannot afford the whole amount opt to pay monthly. Public transport is increasingly adopted for many purposes, such as providing mass mobility, managing traffic congestion, mitigating air pollution, reducing energy consumption and creating development opportunities. The data was presented in form of tables, frequency distributions, percentages, pie charts and bar charts. All these challenges lead to poor performance in Matatu business. Republic of Kenya

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Sustainable transport system forms a basic foundation that facilitates movement of goods and services in the present generation. The acquisition of the relevant business skills is critical for their growth. Do you properly determine your profits?

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Remember me on thsis computer. This involved the use of descriptive statistics mean, frequencies and percentages analysis method to ensure accuracy. Over the years, sustainable public transport has been viewed as not just technical issues or questions, but as an inevitable need Cervero and Golub, It was further noted that each Matatu also created two indirect jobs.

Research Data Figure 4. It also seeks to ensure that leaders act in the best interest of the organization. Research Data As per the results from table 4. A specific time frame was given to the respondents to fill the questionnaire.


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This response rate was considered sufficient for the purposes of the study. Fogmat is striving to industrialize but often, government policies or their absence provoke immense costs and adverse reactions by the entrepreneurs.

There must be collaboration and participation of each and every matatu owner in order to draw the much needed synergy that will enable fodmat maximize on profits. Government policies are good as far as the performance of the Matatu business is concerned; however the policies on road safety have resulted in massive corruption among the traffic police officers.

Reliability refers to the consistency of a measure, the ability of the formaf used in tehsis to consistently measure the characteristics of interest over time Ahmed et al, This results in a steep learning curve and higher chances of failure. Economic Costs, Benefits and Policy Concerns. Lack of managerial training and experience, inadequate education and business skills, lack of credit, unfavorable national policy and regulatory environment, poor infrastructure and scanty markets information.

Vedams ebooks P Ltd. Management of Matatu business by highly academically qualified personnel is deemed to be more efficient, and as such, facilitates their access to finance more easily due to the fact that providers of funds are more likely to have more confidence in those with high academic qualifications than those with low mkuu levels. Do you save your 67 30 3 0.

The research instruments were tested to identify possible problems during the main study and clarify on the instrument and appropriateness of the language.

In the past, matatu industry was seen as a man affair business only and you could easily see a lady a conductor of driver and even women investing in matatu industry. National Integrated Transport Policy.


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Corruption reduces the levels of profitability in the Matatu business. This low service performance was due to the deficiencies of public transport route network and the service capacity constraints. He recommended for the formulation of a comprehensive entrepreneurship development policy to nurture the entrepreneurs.

Transportation is important in physical and economic development of towns and cities all over the world.

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Surveys of small business failure maintain that entrepreneurs often have good ideas and are competent but they do not have clue on how to run a business underlying appreciation of business fundamentals.

From the research objectives, it can be concluded that business management and entrepreneurial skills have impact on the performance of the Matatu SACCOs.

From the literature review, the study established that several scholars had reviewed the concepts of factors affecting performance of matatu saccos. Operators among youth bracket are well represented and this means thwsis we have energetic people who can work with a lot of zeal and become more productive. Research Data The table 4. Secondly, it can be concluded that insurance policies are good as far as profitability of the Matatu SACCOs is concerned.

Coopers and Lybrand Association Ltd, Nairobi advanced a recommendation for nku standard Matatu for the entire country.