I will present a brief history of film duplication for preservation and discuss the future challenges of photochemical film processes. The research will lead to the best practice of ingesting and managing DPX files. And finally, what steps can be taken in managing moving image collections so that decisions affecting copyrights can be taken consistently? However, as technology has progressed, it has become more difficult for the Church to silence its detractors. Tanisha Jones Digital Storage Devices:

Louis Massiah is an independent documentary filmmaker whose works include W. Taylor Ah, the Giraffe Dance! These internships will provide hands—on experience with moving image material, as well as deep exposure to the various types of institutions that handle this material. The course will focus on web applications, databases, and data management tools — technologies that play a fundamental role in moving image collections management today. Now, DCTV has amassed thousands of video tapes from a wide array of formats spanning over decades of time, but without a strategy to preserve this invaluable collection. He and his work has been featured in many articles including those published in Nyu New York Times, Proposal thesis adalah Broadcast Magazine and elsewhere.

Nyu miap thesis

The MIAP thesis is a capstone project in the form of an academic paper, a documented preservation project, or a professional portfolio. An overview of issues and concerns for the creation, execution and maintenance of an audio archive. Questions of originals vs.

nyu miap thesis

Tuesday, April 4 9: The History of Rock and Roll on Television. Her research interests are television history, sponsored film, education film, history of technology, material culture, cultural policy, governmentality, trauma, thesi biopolitics.


The Portfolio must include a written essay synthesizing the wide variety of topics learned during the program, as well as good examples of projects that the student has completed.

nyu miap thesis

She is also the co-editor of the journal Social Text. It examines theories of collecting, the history and ethics of cultural heritage ny, the organizational structures of institutions that house collections including trends in staffing and the roles of individual departmentsand their respective missions and operational ethics.

nyu miap thesis

Icelandic Home Movies This thesis is a preservation project and research paper that examines Icelandic home movies. It thesls basic media handling techniques and tools, media inspection and documentation, assessment and storage. Designed to prepare students for internships and class projects, the course provides hands-on training with moving image materials.

In she organized miap workshop on advertising films for EYE. Improv comedy is a genre of performance that, due to its ephemeral nature, may seem antithetical to preservation.

Peter Oleksik Found in the Trash: Students will gain practical skills with identification, analysis, handling, thssis risk assessment for works as a whole, their component myu, and associated software and metadata.

Students will meet as a group bi-weekly with an instructor to contextualize the internship experience. Radical Archival Praxis for Ephemeral Cinema Thesia and conservators have long struggled with the notion that not everything can, or should be, preserved.

The seminar will also treat such themes as: He is the nyu of several books on early cinema, including High-Class Moving Pictures: Relevancy in Print and Digital Resources. Additional Electives or Independent Studies will be subsitututed if students are waived out of other courses. SinceDCTV has made over award-winning documentaries on subjects ranging from the Vietnam War to toxic municipal drinking water.


Final Class Project Shocking and Awful: The lure of a non-material and tech-reliant tomorrow promises a future that is free from material waste, turning away from the analog towards bits.

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The paper should contribute to the field and have the potential to be published. This internship will provide hands—on experience with moving image material, as well as deep exposure to the various types of institutions that handle this material. Friday, April 5 Each student will be required to complete a capstone project in the form of either a thesis or a Portfolio.

The list is active and may expand over theiss course of the semester as needed. Rob Anen 8mm film: Wednesday, April 3 6: Students will learn how to prioritize preservation and access activities by weighting copyright, uniqueness of content, format obsolescence and deterioration, and financial considerations.

The Digital Picture Exchange DPX file format is created as a digital intermediate and it becomes very important in film scanning miaap preservation. Taylor File Format Name: Read about some of her findings at wnyc.

Theories of collecting and organizing as well as their social meanings will be introduced.