There are many instances from the past where many mergers were canceled because of the doubts of two cultures involved can not get along. Unable to locate your subscription account? They see that they are different but they complain about it and do not try to accept it and find a common ground. Going through a merger is always a very difficult situation that brings many challenging and uncertain stressful moments. On the other hand, one can see that the HR managers who have to develop strategy of the new firm are not able to think globally and cannot free themselves from the cultural prejudices.

They see leadership as a soft skill and often do not have any tertiary education. Royal Edeling did some things horribly wrong. Germans are very straightforward in talking and work style. This also paves its way to be working with different nationalities across the globe. Likewise, this paper will emphasize on the solutions for making the merging a success. He should take all the necessary efforts to resolve the same within the shortest possible time. This move can widen up their knowledge.

Although the training on culture has been discussed and seen as important during the last few years, many people still think that it is not needed.

oil and wasser hbr case study and commentary

With this, they can give due emphasis on drawing a proper communication plan setting its frequency, methods and as well as hbe. There would be additional employees who can share their ideas that can help the company excel. They keep in mind all the negative stereotypes about Germans and English and consciously or unconsciously look for their confirmation. How to Write the Letter of Motivation. The art of cross-cultural management: Skip to main content.

Oil and Wasser (HBR Case Study and Commentary)

It is a clash between the different business cultures; two huge proud firms in their own context and neither of the companies want to give up their practice. Apart from building an effective multicultural work environment, it is very important for Michael Brighton to become a more culturally mindful colleague because only then it would be possible for him to interact effectively and appropriately across two cultures stury personalities.


But the marriage of entrepreneurial powerhouse Royal Biscuit and the conservative, family-owned Edeling GmbH is beginning to look overly ambitious.

The two different proverbs that are presented in the case study nicely demonstrate that there are significant culture differences on the national and corporate level. Introduction 1 3.

It is widely known that only a small number of all mergers and acquisitions can survive the first year. Royal Biscuit Company emphasize their employment on imparting job trainings to its dynamic employees and believes in a healthy competition which ultimately brings the best out of everyone which will help the company to achieve its desired goals.

As the population grows, influx of cultural diversity is inevitable. Bruner Leda Cosmides John Tooby. With my experience I can say that they are wrong. You can add this document to your study collection s Sign in Available only to authorized users. He should appreciate the positive benefits that the German Company will bring, English can kil some of the good German practices into their work environment that will help sthdy grow further. In Germany managers are experts with a scientific approach to leadership, they gain respect through having an expanded knowledge about the field of study they work in.

There are many instances from the past where many mergers were canceled because of the doubts of two cultures involved can not get along.


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Recruitment of fresh graduates who are then trained in-house to get adapted to corporate culture easily.

There were doubts whether that commenrary French and Swedes could get along with each other.

oil and wasser hbr case study and commentary

ool The solutions encourage communication, discussion and cultural learning. Due to the lack of intercultural inexperience, the German and English managers and the employees were single-minded and saw negative stereotypes about each other as sources of an absolute truth. This graphic does not say that all Germans and English behave that way. I will take one example again — the background of managers. Integration planning is way behind schedule. People make stereotypes to simplify their environment and to make strange situations easier to understand.

Hardcopy, paperback, tenderskip, magazine: They are ready to make partial agreements.

oil and wasser hbr case study and commentary

Brighton complained that Wallach had been slowing the whole process down because of the urge to meet all over again and discuss all the details repeatedly without ever being prepared to make a conclusion. The worst issue due to the cultural differences is the single-mindedness of both parties. English managers are communicative people with strongly developed social skills and high emotional intelligence.

Wallach stressed on gaining of additional perspectives in order to be able to sstudy to an agreement. It is a 3 or 4 digit number appearing on the front or back of your credit card.