The research will then explain the various steps that should be taken to build an effective multicultural work environment in an amalgamated company. Continuum Diagram will give a better understanding of two cultures — English and German; this will help in identifying the degree of measures that should be undertaken by each one of them for resolving these differences and come closer. The major issues hampering this merge between the two big European consumer food companies are the corporate cultural differences and the style of doing businesses between the two firms. This paper also concludes various recommendations for the two HR Managers as well as the amalgamated company as a whole. He should then delegate necessary powers to these executives to help them draw short term operating goals and plans to achieve the same. He is able to see it from both perspectives. Otherwise, it is as if they wanted to learn how to swim without getting wet.

They stick with successful processes and strategies. As said above, the CEOs see the global vision and do not accept or see the fact that their employees might have difficulties with finding a harmony between the two different cultures. This Month’s Special Offers. Analysis Identification of the Problem There are a few problems which should be discussed and analyzed further. You can add this document to your saved list Sign in Available only to authorized users. This study summarizes the specific issues faced by the said entities which tap the cultural issues that were led by cross border merging.

This made a friendly and well-going cooperation impossible.

Oil and Wasser (HBR Case Study and Commentary)

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To create the advantage of a merger — enhance your capabilities and create a better and a more competitive organization Recommendations If Royal Biscuit Company and Edeling GmbH want to succeed despite all the difficulties they will have to adopt at least three of the recommended solutions above.


Add to collection s Add to saved. If you click the Speed-Pay button on any product detail page, your order will be charged to the most recent credit card information coupleed to your account and shipped if applicable to the last address we have on file for you. The CEO of Royal Biscuit, Sir Callaghan, displays open threats to the managers because they do not meet his expectations but he fails to provide them with hints and tips about intercultural communication and conflict solution.

Analysis 7 5. The training should take place in London and all managers should attend at once. Also, they only care for the solutions and not much in the path followed to resolve the problem. As said before, the two companies have very strong but very different organizational cultures. I will take one example again — the background of managers. It was supposed to be an amicable “merger of equals,” an example of European togetherness, a synergistic deal that would create the world’s second-largest consumer foods company out of two former competitors.

oil and wasser hbr case study and commentary

This is a clear case of how ones cultural values impact on business relations; it is not that easy to smoothly run a multicultural studu. This study summarizes the specific issues faced by the said entities which tap the cultural issues that were led by cross border merging.

(DOC) Oil and Wasser | plaban roy –

studu Recruitment of fresh graduates who are then trained in-house to get adapted to corporate commnetary easily. He is able to see it from both perspectives. This product is meaned for individual use only. Facilitating mergers through management and organization of communication: Make a perfect plan that does not need improvements afterwards and meets with agreement from all parties beforehand.

Different organizations all over the world are being challenged by the cultural diversity in the roster of their employees. The worst issue due to the cultural differences is the single-mindedness of both parties. The companies are too enormous to give up on their ways of running the joint venture.


Add this document to saved. Contracts can be slightly changed after signing. Both are at their top but the path followed by them is completely different from each other. He does not try to solve the intercultural issues in this merger.

oil and wasser hbr case study and commentary

The managers should know what to do. An intercultural training and explanation of advantages of cultural diversity will help to solve this issue.

Case Study: Oil and Wasser

He should appreciate the positive benefits that the German Company will bring, English can inculcate some of the good German practices into their work environment stduy will help them grow further. Their talking is highly fact-oriented. The very fact that there were instances of failure in the past with cross culture mergers, the current merger also creates a greater chance of misunderstanding and disagreement.

Quantity pricing discounts will be reflected at Checkout, prior to submitting your order. With help of the right communication tools the differences can be turned into advantages and can bring significant and creative improvements into the organization. Positive stereotyping can be sometimes helpful but negative stereotyping is, like in our case, destructive.

Differences in language, customs, values, and training ol that the two firms in this story are not equal. But in order to survive, managers of the merging companies must cooperate more than excessively and fight for creation of a new and better environment.