Earliest date of social link’s flag events I: I guess that’s an important thing to think about, huh Did it rain the day that we worked on my art homework? Fifth Sanctum School for The Supernatural fun and friendship in a semi-serious roleplay about teens in a school for supernatural. Is someone here today too?

Please, if you enjoy the site, consider adding us to your AdBlock whitelist—it really does make a difference. Should I do it or skip it? Is it the male or female platypus that has the poison claws? How does someone kick that hard…? Nanako was almost done as well, though I didn’t do quite as well as I’d been doing up to now. Andre Andre 10 years ago 1 Okay I maxed out knowledge before Summer vacation even started.

This time, I’m going to change into a Rise that everyone can like!

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And they have poisonous claws! You can raise S-link with party members by helping Nanako with hers. Boards Shin Megami Tensei: You are commenting using your Google account. Meeting all of you, laughing together… Watching the store, reading comics, playing with the cat… …When I was at my parents’ house, I was on my best behavior around them… Oh, but Grandma doesn’t ask me homeqork.


Click here to edit contents of this page. Let’s go to the beach.

persona 4 golden nanako homework answers

More topics from this board Goldn, let’s go to the beach. But you do learn about the male platypus: If you get into trouble again, I’ll step in and help.

Something does not work as expected? Which one should I choose? It stopped raining by then.

Takeshi ran off, which is good because I was feeling like knocking his teeth in. And that’s how we became friends… From that moment on… I told myself I’d protect Yukiko… But… Somewhere along the way, I messed up, and that Shadow popped out… After that, I thought I’d try to focus on what’s good about me.

You finish it on the last day of summer break. Should you help Nanako with her homework for the next few nights?

persona 4 golden nanako homework answers

You’re with me right now because I’m Risette, yeah? How did she manage to cover that? Metador Won’t Take Mahama. Share Coke Codes Sharing happiness by sharing Coke rewards codes. Now I have people who know the real me. If you are a part of Rise’s fanclub and get her newsletter, copy and paste.

Talking about memories lets you re-select an old, forgotten skill, and talking about the future grants one brand-new skill from a list of five, in sequence.


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Neglect the homework assignment and nanako for the time being or spend time for both even though I don’t see any real reason to? I saw her with you the other day… She seemed weirdly cheerful… She had this funky laugh, y’know…?

She’s a good person, got it!? Please, if you enjoy the site, consider adding us to your AdBlock whitelist—it really does make a difference. How did she manage to cover that? I can’t do any of this art stuff.

This is the last thing I have to do for my homework. I have to make something out of stuff I find in the house. Senpai said that Nanako-chan was doing her summer homework. You’ll be forced to do it on the last day, which is probably for the best.

persona 4 golden nanako homework answers

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