Ask specifically about the patient-to-resident ratio on the inpatient service and the structure of the team. Facts you have to know about personal statements 1- You can upload from your computer to your MyEras account as many as personal statements you want. Subscribe Enter your e-mail address to receive notifications when new posts go up! If it is, change it. Snag a copy and peruse through it when you need it because it helps you during each step of the residency application process, including the personal statement. Write about why you want to go into your specific field.

This period can also become easily overwhelming i. Other things are much more pertinent, such as missing a year, being dismissed from a 3rd year rotation, or taking time off. Walking into her room I immediately noticed her multiple family members at her bedside. You want your personal statement to keep you par. Personal statements are the epitome of the humble-brag. Therefore, you typically will have to apply for a separate preliminary year i.

So write vividly about an impactful experience and make them want to meet you even if they just want to know if they got the diagnosis correct.

Learn about the programs that you are applying to in your medical specialty before you apply. As a committee member, I received a batch of applications to look over before we sent out interview invitations. The key is to have a positive first impression. During my career, I have read hundreds of personal statements. If you are on the fence, you may not get an interview offer. It was exciting to explore such a seemingly unrelated constellation of symptoms and it is one of the reasons why I enjoy the prospect of internal medicine.


My previous leadership experience had prepared me for this scenario.

How Can I Best Prepare to be a Good Residency Candidate

This document must and must stay confidential. Ppm&r these, Nassau University Medical Center and EW Sparrow Hospital are the only 2 dual-accredited programs meaning you can apply through the allopathic or osteopathic match. Personal statements are the epitome of the humble-brag.

June 15, at 8: Follow me on Twitter My Tweets. Your personal statements should convey a positive light. It can be exhausting and not worth the effort to do it for every single program.

After your interview day is complete, you may also choose to send a thank you email to your interviewers and program coordinator.

Then I used attribute number 2 when I did that Paragraph 4: This is a good place to start. Talk about your medical specialty experience as a third-year residrncy student and what captured your mind and heart.

personal statement pm&r residency

I took it upon myself to research the biochemical mechanism of her disease process and was statemdnt to see that even my experienced attending physician was interested in learning about the disease pathophysiology. Similarly, if you match to an osteopathic residency you are not eligible for allopathic residency.

personal statement pm&r residency

Having a small versus large residency has both pluses and minuses and is program dependent. This period can also become easily overwhelming i.

How To Write Your Residency Personal Statement (And a copy of mine!) | Kitty Katz, MD

Personall the other hand, if you do get an interview offer, your first impression could be tainted by any red flags in your personal statement. The right program for you is usually the one that you feel is the best fit from your interview day.


During his training, he was one of our best residents because he had purpose. Every program that you apply to can categorically reject your letter based on anything in your application.

Also consider ranking preliminary year positions only at the bottom of your rank order list in the event you do not match into a categorical or advanced position.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for a PM&R Residency

So here are a few pearls of wisdom about how to write your residency personal statement. Learn more about the 4 steps of applying to residency by clicking on the links below. Their initially palpable anxiety began to abate as I answered each of their questions. You should also staetment about the average inpatient consults seen per month.

How Can I Best Prepare to be a Good Residency Candidate

Be conservative and try to just hit onto the green. Then continue writing about What made you interested in the specialty you are applying to. Make sure to speak with current residents to determine if the program is a good fit for you.