China, for example, which has four hundred million inhabitants and a very ancient civili- zation, considers all Europeans ugly and calls them “fan-kwai,” or red devils. Fortunately, peoples as well as govern- ments are subject to it. It is entirely different with Spain, which possesses the colony as an inherit- ed property, and without the power of turning it to any useful account. Science teaches us that it is either assimilated, destroys the organism, is eliminated or becomes encysted. Such is the descent down which the peoples are precipitated.

We shall never tire of repeating this while a ray of hope is left us, for we prefer this unpleasant task to the need of some day saying to the mother country: Supposing that we should yield to the most absurd pessimism and admit the insult, great for the Philippines, but still greater for Spain, that all the representatives would be separatists and that in all their contentions they would advocate separatist ideas: Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours Absence of any great preponderance of one race over the others will free their imagination from all mad ambi- tions of domination, and as the tendency of countries that have been tyrannized over, when they once shake off the yoke, is to adopt the freest government, like a boy leaving school, iike the beat of the pendulum, by a law of reac- tion the Islands will probably declare them- selves a federal republic. Another negative proof is that not a single letter of mine can be shown.

This essay reminds the Spain of what wrong-doing things they did in the Philippines that affects the ancient traditions, recollections, forgot thier writings and of the other different fields of the Filipino.

The Philippines a Century Hence Essay

If they wrote, they did so in defense of the rights of the native and made his cry reach even to the distant steps of the Throne. With no cause for discontent, how then attempt to stir up the masses of the people?


The Philippines a Century Hence: A sunken road at the battle of Waterloo dssay all the glories of two brilliant decades, the whole Napoleonic world, and freed Europe.

rizals essay the philippines a century hence

Both pity and guilt are the things you feel when you encounter them everywhere with their hands hold up; pleading for food and money.

Rizal read the much better Spanish version while a student in the Ateneo de Manila, from a copy supplied by Paciano Rizal Mercado who directed his younger brother’s political education and transferred to Jose the hopes which had been blighted for himself by the execution of his beloved teacher, Father Burgos, in the Cavite alleged insurrec- tion.

Fluffy Miks August 2, at 6: History repeats itself; history may have repeated cenyury a hundred times now. Now, then, are the Philippines in the same condition they were three centuries ago? We are victims of theft every day that made us feel inferior.

This article he wrote in La Solidaridad gave me quite a stir. Don Pio Valenzue- la left me convinced apparently; so much so that instead of later taking part in rebellion, he presented himself to the authorities for pardon. They had them in Spain’s critical moments, when she groaned under the Napoleonic yoke, essah they did not take advantage of the sovereign country’s mis- fortune like other colonies, but philippinfs more firmly the bonds that united them to the nation, giving proofs of their loyalty; and they continu- ed until many years later.

The thing that makes the English most respected in their pos- sessions is their strict and speedy justice, so that the inhabitants repose entire confidence in the judges. It is now a message with an intention of giving a warning.

rizals essay the philippines a century hence

Will they become a province of Spain, with or without autonomy? All the reforms of our liberal nnnisters were, have been, are, and will be good — when carried out.

The press there also is free. We will write a custom sample essay on The Philippines a Century Hence specifically for you.


No insurrection had a popular character or was based on a need of the whole race or fought for human rights or justice, so it left no ineffaceable impressions, but rather when they saw that they had been duped the people bound up their wounds and applauded the overthrow of the disturbers of their peace!

Who went to Dapitnn to interview me?

We have said and statistics prove that it is impossible to exterminate the Filipino people. Accessed May 22, I had an easy conscience and hoped to go to Cuba, Fourthly. Twitter Facebook Reddit Tbe.

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So they all failed. Join 2 other followers Follow. Anonymous March 19, at 6: Teens would entertain products of foreign brands just to get in trends and be recognized by the society for being leveled philippihes people their age on successful first-world countries.

But routine is a declivity down which many governments slide, and routine says that freedom of the press is dangerous.

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On one of his lines from the essay, Rizal stated: There could be none left that cannot be attributed to him, unless he could also have been a woman once in his life. Anonymous September 10, at The same is true of Japan. Either the foreigner was driven out, as happen- ed in the case of the Carthaginians, the Moors and the French in Spain, or else these philippijes thons bad to give way and perish, as was the case with the inhabitants of the New World, Australia and New Zealand.