The solvents of methanol-H 2 O The greater bioavailability from the SMEDDS can be achieved when the dose is very low especially for the drugs with high octanol: The smaller the droplet size, the larger the interfacial surface area provided for drug absorption. Oils like cottonseed oil and soybean oil composed of LCTs are reported to enhance the bioavailability of highly lipophilic drugs by stimulation of lymphatic transport of drugs [ 7 , 26 ]. In this technique, the self-diffusion coefficients of different components of microemulsion are compared with that of pure components. Construction of Pseudoternary Phase Diagram These are the diagrams which represent change in phase behavior of the system according to the change in composition. The peaks give information about the condition of water like bound state or free state [ 55 ].

The samples which formed clear solution should be denoted by suitable symbols in the phase diagram [ 47 ]. The authors declare that there is no conflict of interests regarding the publication of this paper. Oils like cottonseed oil and soybean oil composed of LCTs are reported to enhance the bioavailability of highly lipophilic drugs by stimulation of lymphatic transport of drugs [ 7 , 26 ]. If you agree to our use of cookies and the contents of our Privacy Policy please click ‘accept’. A surfactant is needed to adopt self-emulsification property by SMEDDS which is prime process to form microemulsion and it is also helpful to solubilize the hydrophobic drug; in turn the dissolution rate can be improved. The thermodynamically stable formulations will not show any change in visual description [ 46 , 59 ].

By TEM studies, the uniformity in droplet size can also be known [ 41 ].

self microemulsifying drug delivery system thesis

The less toxicity offered microeemulsifying nonionic surfactants like oleates, polysorbates, polyoxyls, and so forth compared to ionic surfactants allows them to be used more commonly in the formulation of SMEDDS [ 29 ].

The preparation involves the addition of drug to the mixture of oil, surfactant, and cosurfactant and then it should be subjected to vortexing [ 49 ]. Dahan A, Hoffman A. This restricted lymphatic transport is mainly due to low lymph-to-blood flow ratio.

Cosolvent Cosolvents facilitate the dissolution of surfactant and hydrophobic drug in oil phase because of their ability to access the entry of water into the formulation. In order to provide our website visitors sysstem registered users with a delivety tailored to their individual preferences we use cookies to analyse visitor traffic and personalise content.

Apart from poor water solubility, appreciable solubility of the drug in oil phase is important in the selection of suitable drug candidate for the formulation of lipid delivwry delivery systems like SMEDDS [ 24 ]. Then, the resultant microemulsion should be tested for clarity, delvery, and percentage transmittance. Semisynthetic medium chain derivatives are superior to MCTs for the reason that they are amphiphilic in nature with surfactant properties [ 322 ].


The droplets of positive charge have the property of interacting efficiently with the mucosal surface of the GIT and these interactions are of electrostatic nature due to which strong adhesion can be expected with increased absorption [ 8 ].

This is mixed with the required volume of the third phase like oil [ 4546 ] or cosurfactant [ 12 ]; then the other component which is usually water is added in incremental drkg and for every addition of fourth component, the solution should be tested for the clarity, flowability, time for self-emulsification, and dispersibility [ 40 ].

self microemulsifying drug delivery system thesis

Oils like cottonseed oil and soybean oil composed of LCTs are reported to enhance the bioavailability of highly lipophilic drugs by stimulation of lymphatic transport of drugs [ 726 ]. Self-microemulsifying drug-delivery system for improved oral bioavailability of pranlukast hemihydrate: The rheology of microemulsion can be determined by the graph plotted between shear stress and shear rate.

The three corners of the typical ternary diagram represent three components, that is, A, B, and C. By accessing the work you hereby accept the Terms. These studies are performed by the combination of bright field imaging at increasing magnification and diffraction modes [ nicroemulsifying ].

It is mainly used to investigate the structure and morphology of microemulsions that are imcroemulsifying by dilution of SMEDDS [ 59 ]. Microemulsions as carriers for drugs and nutraceuticals. In our pseudoternary phase diagram study Figure 2systems consisting of Labrafil M and Labrafac Lipophile WL as oil phase, Cremophor EL and Tween as surfactants, and PEG as cosurfactants were diluted with double distilled water, and self-emulsifying formulations were selected from regions in blue.

Development and characterization of oral lipid-based amphotericin B formulations with enhanced drug solubility, stability and antifungal activity in rats infected with Aspergillus fumigatus or Candida albicans. Self-dispersing lipid formulations for improving oral absorption of lipophilic drugs. zystem

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In vitro anti-cancer activity and structure-activity relationships of natural products isolated from fruits of Panax ginseng. Viscosity of diluted SMEDDS formulation that is microemulsion delvery generally determined by rheometers like Brookfield cone and plate rheometer fitted with cone spindle [ 55 ] or rotating spindle Brookfield viscometer [ 56 ]. In both experiments, the drop of diluted formulation was placed on copper grid and after staining with suitable stains like uranyl acetate it was dried and then the droplets were visualized for the detection of morphology like size and shape of the droplets.


The drug should microemmulsifying sufficiently hydrophobic to be soluble in the lipid component of the formulation; that is, octanol: The effect of dilution on microemulsion clarity can be evaluated by performing the dilution of microemulsion preconcentrate to various dilutions that simulate the gastric conditions and in various diluents like double distilled water, simulated gastric fluid SGFand simulated micromeulsifying fluid SIF [ 37 ].

More increased concentration of water than this leads to the shift to higher temperature. Care should be exercised to minimize the concentration of surfactant as minimum as possible because the use of high concentration of surfactants has disadvantages like GI irritation, [ 3 ] decrease in self-emulsification efficiency, and dehydrating effect on soft and hard gelatin capsules caused by some of the nonionic surfactants like polysorbates and polyoxyls with consequent brittleness [ 29 ].

self microemulsifying drug delivery system thesis

Then, aqueous phase penetrates through interface druh gets solubilized within the oil phase up to the solubilization limit. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

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Selc some cases, drug is dissolved in any one of the excipients and the remaining excipients are added to the drug solution [ 46 ]. Typical ternary diagram indicating the composition of A, B, and C at point O. Though medium chain triglycerides have superior properties to long chain triglycerides, the drug access to lymph is not possible with them and it is microe,ulsifying only with lipids composed of LCTs.

Simple mixing equipment is enough to formulate SMEDDS and time required for preparation is also less compared to emulsions [ 312 ].

Self-microemulsifying drug delivery systems are recent and effective approach for the augmentation of oral bioavailability of deivery poor water soluble drugs provided that the drug should be potent with high lipid solubility.