The IEP curriculum is specifically tailored to prepare our students for rigorous academic studies. Students are held accountable for developing skills in grammar forms and how to utilize them in writing and speaking in their hour per week Grammar class. Battling for Human Rights and Social Justice: Blog – The Blog tool is a way to share information on applicable topics to your class or life. I agree to this site’s Privacy Policy. Using critical race theory to recognize and respond to everyday racism. The university courses taken are put on an official transcript that may be transferrable to other universities.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. They can see what’s trending up. The software allows instructors to group students, assign each student a role in the group and map that role to specific tasks that lead to more effective problem solving. And the success rate is worse for students in community colleges. Crossing Borders in Higher Education: Researched college access issues and provided written analysis of findings to the Director of Research and Evaluation and the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs.

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The software rotates students’ roles from one assignment to another so that eventually every student participates multiple times in every role. Our Experiences, Our Methods: Challenging racist nativist framing: Stories of what could be: The platform evolved out of research the three professors had done on leveraging social networking techniques students already gravitated to — Facebook, Instagram and Twitter — to support the study of highly complex material.


Trained and hired new tutors.

Setting up a quiz is a multi-step process to control permissions, attempts, scoring and more. The experiences of Latina and Latino undocumented college students in California. This area includes tools to customize and import course content. They can also view their final grade and the grade formula used for evaluation if grades are released.

Forging that bond between the student and the university right from the get-go, he added, is helping to “keep people in these degree programs who could get discouraged and move elsewhere in the university.

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Center for International Education. University of California, Los Angeles. Micro in name only: To push the project further even as classroom research was going on, Hlousek and Gredig formed a company to service the application and develop it further.

We are [in] the 21st century. There are four other people in that room who expect them to be there, who are waiting for them to contribute, and thanking them: Journal of Social Justice, 34 2 The university and the company negotiated an agreement on intellectual property related to Koondis, and EduDotOnLine was born. They can ask questions. They can thank someone for giving an answer.


Select place of work. Healing Images and Narratives: For example, if a student is placed in level 2 during orientation, it will take 3 sessions 1-year of English to complete level 4 and start their CSULB degree program the next Fall or Spring.

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Mapping microaggressions across intellectual space. Students can see individual grades and comments, as well as class averages and feedback.

social homework csulb login

Contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Microaggressions and community cultural wealth as CRT tools. Jump to Content Jump to Resources.

Falling Through the Cracks: Discussions take place in Topics, which are organized into Forums. English Dominance as Racist Nativist Microaggressions. A research note on developing a critical race grounded theory methodology in educational research.

Opening Doors to Latinos in Higher Education: Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

This area includes tools to customize and import course content.