Feb 18th, Sigchi4life. Your name, email address, and comment are required. I took it this semester and it was arguably my favorite class this semester despite being a CS upperclassmen and one of the easiest classes I’ve taken at this university, period. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. You still have a chance.

Winter , Sections 3 and 7. Just took the class this fall, I only said it 36 times per problem in my second midterm and got mugged. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Yes, there are weekly homework assignments, but they are great practice for the exams. The heights of the bars were such that it looked just like a right-tailed distribution. Literally take anything else. The Art of Scientific Investigation.

I could see why people might struggle with this class, but I feel like it’s very easy if you’re in CS and used to this kind of detail oriented grading.

Can be customized with most common ones. Using iRubric Software August 26, 2: But statistics itself is pretty nit-picky and requires a lot of precise language, so this doesn’t surprise me.


What people say about “wording” is semi-true I managed to catch this one when I took it, but there were a series of questions based hkmework a bar graph with a bunch of categorical variables.


A web-based program that includes a searchable eBook, interactive teaching. From what I understand, stats is a precursor to XYZ Homework provides powerful instructional tools for mathematics faculty and students.

stats 250 umich homework

If you go as far as saying maybe one word off from what they expect, you lose points. I did all this and still got a C. The next 3 stays 4 questions were basically testing if you saw that it wasn’t a binned histogram, but a bunch of categorical variables.

Stats warning : uofm

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Students do not read textbook in synch with class. You are commenting using hmoework WordPress. Questions authored by instructor or selected from on-line textbook.

Statistics 250

Those are basically engineering classes though. Psychology Admits Fall term. This site uses cookies.

Prelabs prepare students for group projects and activities in weekly labs using computers 6. I’m in grad school right now and just finished taking a biostatistics class, and the knowledge and strong background from STATS has made that class a breeze.

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stats 250 umich homework

You also receive feedback on the homework, so you can make sure you’re wording your conclusions correctly. Completely agree with this. Ratings are done on a scale 1 being poor, 5 being excellent.


Statistics – ratemyumichclass

Want to add to the discussion? The MWrite assignments aren’t even that bad and allows you to apply the statistical concepts in a real-life context. You are commenting using your Twitter account. However, if you are in CS and need this class for credit, don’t take some other class.

stats 250 umich homework

Registration Forgot your password? Do the homework by yourself and then go to office hours ohmework check with other students and GSIs Make sure you take good coursepack notes and follow what Gunderson writes Do and study the practice exams since they are super similar to the real exams.

When I took Stats W17this was by far the most infuriating part.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Now, you have to do this in math classes all the time, except here they look for VERY specific wording. So to incoming students, don’t be intimidated by the class.