The specifications for British rolling stock and French rolling stock were not the same. Channel Tunnel Project Overview. Lump sum FP for the terminals and the mechanical and electrical works for the tunnel. Another shortfall that the Channel Tunnel faces now is the large difference between forecasted passenger volumes and actual passenger volumes to date. Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, 1.

A Project Management Perspective The redesign caused unexpected delays and high costs. Concrete linings, which comprised mm thick concrete, were used to help the tunnel withstand the intense pressure from above as well as to help waterproof the tunnel. Even with a high-level design and respective rough-order-of-magnitude estimates were appropriate. Luckily, in , the Conservative party returned to power again. Among this, was the pipeline process that had seen the construction team start their work before the monitoring operation team had assembled any cost of changes. Normally for large-scale projects, there are challenges with initial estimates, scope management, and the contract type. The delay in the delivery of the project and exceeded budget had a very big impact on the ROI of the overall project.

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The engineers involved in the project had been wrestling with ways of incorporating in the existing design of the tunnel, which was scheduled to open in The financing banks were skeptical whether to invest more money, and threatened to take over the Tunnel after construction Walker,Risk — In order to confirm ground condition, it was decided that the service tunnel would always be driven not less than 1km ahead of the trailing rail tunnels to act as a plot. A Project Management Perspective length of the tunnel was decided to be Teamwork between the bi-national companies was not very encouraging.


The delay in obtaining re-financing support had happened due to the ideology of the ruling party in the government. The earliest recorded attempt to do so began inand moved through different stages of development.

In this case, the need for ventilation in the tunnels was not addressed in the design phase, and was not catered for in the scheduling or costs. However, the marginal costs were higher for the ferries in the long run. Tunnelling and Underground Society, The most apparent delay was due to the delay in procuring financing. The suitable cases are not available at all for the managers and contractors as reference.

There were many private investors, each only footing a smaller fraction of the total estimated cost as per their risk appetite. This inevitably led to significant claims at the end of the project. Notify your administrator of your interest. Auth with social network: A Project Management Perspective profit was much higher for the Tunnel, since there were plans to have tolls as well as revenues from billboard advertising. This proposal included a In retrospect, project management was handled very well in this aspect.

And finally, the procurement estimates in the forecast were no longer applicable after the long approval dtudy by the national governments, resulting in the final prices exceeding the initial provisions of chunnwl contract costs, risks and financing.

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In this sense, the bid risk was again minimized as the same consortium internalized it. While the scale of the project was understandably difficult to plan for, there were obvious oversights in the planning and detailing during the definition phase. International Chamber of Commerce was involved with helping the various competing sides to bargaining table in an attempt to resolve key portions. Since equity interest was becoming popular in both France and UK, and the project found good financing including more than banks.


However, all efforts had been stopped due to political differences between the British and French rulership at the time. For example, the equipment used for drilling was state-of-the-art, but it was discovered later that less sophisticated machinery could have been used, with the same results. Although certain portions of the closeout phase was completed way ahead of time, other portions of the project could not be completed as scheduled due to the delay in delivery of key mechanical systems.

Moreover, the IGC was given a lot of cawe power to oversee the project, but was exempt from any financial or bureaucratic retribution. Construction Delays There were a few reasons for construction delays. Visual and interactive search of NIST pure compounds database for chemicals and their properties.

the chunnel project case study pmp

Risk Management in Bot Project Financing. Remember me on this computer.

The Channel Tunnel (Chunnel) Project Case Study

Each party was interested only on its own priorities rather than focusing on a common solution that would favour all.

First proposal for private transportation companies to use the tunnel denied for safety reasons. Flyvberg for example mentions the possibility of using projects of similar scale cse scope to apply reference-class forecasting.