After you get your notary public, you travel down to the Korean Embassy. In any case, the next application would be for Spring intake, and the deadline would be some time mid-August. I am sorry to start this in a negative way but I feel the need to warn every international student planning to apply to UIC. When it comes to actual tuition UIC is sadly the most expensive Korean university, traditional Yonsei is cheaper. I was super glad to have come across your posts. Based on experience of my own , the application deadline for Fall Semester is late March to mid April.

Please check out the video for more detailed talk. I look forward to your reply, thank you sooooo much!!! For us Singaporeans it means that we have about 1 month in general to apply for the university after the release of A Level results usually on the first Friday of March. I love being here but there is a long way to go for this place to be ready to truly embrace international students. How is it about the interview?

Of course, this is just a general list; if you are really applying, please read the requirements carefully as the universities may not entertain missing documents.

Are your transcripts in Korean? I also joined the photography society and served as the secretary and was in charge of the admin yomsei.

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But I need to do my online application, so do I do it through http: I was very active in sports during secondary school and JC. I really appreciate the fact you set up this blog to help people like us yyonsei are at a complete loss of how to begin application!


I look forward to your reply, thank you sooooo much!!! But my friend from Indonesia who went for the face-to-face interview said her interview was fine. This might be a rather personal and sensitive question but can I ask what were your A level scores? I guess I would definitely have to spend at least a year at KLI.

If possible please do reply. Application form with passport size photo attached This is where you fill in your name, age, etc.

WHY UIC? – ‘a house built on the rock’

Anyway, I would really love to attend UIC next year and your blog has been a really huge help! And it really is not that important. Eseay Korean Embassy in Singapore is at Newton. Hi Williampan96, your credits are similar to mine as well!

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X maybe u could suggest how u would interpret this instruction? However if you were to enter the university, there will jic be an application process and the selection interview.

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I hope that helped! From looking through the comments, it looks pretty harsh academically. Hello again, what were the two essay topics that you wrote on?

There are a few Singaporean students studying in Korean undergraduate programmes now, fulfilling only the minimum TOPIK requirement usually level 3 or 4which I feel is not enough to be able to understand classes, which is why they struggle a lot in their studies. Except the Yonsei Ukc Wonju campus that had a 8th March deadline. You will have to exchange for a pass at the security post.


yonsei uic essay

And maybe also double-check whether you can apply for pre-med now when you don’t have your TOPIK yet. I will get to the questions and answers pretty quickly all of the full answers are in my video but I just want to say I included some of my own. Sorry if it caused any confusion, chapparang is a slang in Singapore haha D: I hope this helps you a bit.

Twitter Facebook Email Print. I know that once you apply you are eligible for a scholarship but that is only if you get a high score during your admission process.

Well that was a lot. Thanks for the information! I wish to let my future open.

WHY UIC? – ‘a house built on the rock’

I forgot to ask the office to fill it out and now im on spring break for 2 weeks! Most universities would have a form for you to get your teacher to fill in. That is why I am ulc able to wholeheartedly recommend UIC to anyone now.

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